STOP COMPETING on FEES and read this book!

...without scaring away prospects and clients to your CHEAPER rivals!

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Your Step-By Step HANDBOOK on how to WIN THE BEST FEES and COMPETE based on service and value, without COMPETING ON FEES or playing the game of 'race to the bottom!'

Have you got a BIG BUT?

IF we said to you right now that you could get better and higher fees with all your new business and with your current clients, and you respond with...

​"BUT Darren, I can't because my rivals don't charge those fees, so how can I?"

or "BUT Darren, property owners only care about cheap fees"

or "BUT Darren, what's the management fee for then?"

"BUT Darren, I'll lose my clients to the cheaper agent down the road" 

​...if that's you, then this book is for you!

You're just ONE NEW FEE MINDSET away!

​Let's kick that BIG BUT together!

BONUS: Get INSTANT ACCESS to the Audio MP3 and E-Book Book Versions when you order the
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BONUS: Get INSTANT ACCESS to the Audio MP3 and E-Book Book Versions when you order the ​PRINT VERSION so you can get started right away!

Like I mentioned before, this book is free. I'll pay for the book and all I ask is that you help me cover the shipping and handling cost and we'll send it anywhere in the world! 

Get Instant Access to the Audio and E-Book PDF versions when you order the book!

RESULTS other agencies have enjoyed
from what you'll learn in this book!

Phillip Starr, Director- Starr Partners Real Estate Merrylands - Sydney New South Wales (Australia)

"When we first meet Darren he went through all the relevant increases that we could roll out without too much push back. Our leadership team were sceptical at first in getting the whole PM team on board.

Darren then offered to fly up for the day and go over all the possible objections and encouraged everyone on the journey to higher fees.

Due to ongoing rental increases we decided it best to incorporate the new fees with the one letter and sent it as a DocuSign.

This proved a real win, win for our owners and had minimal push backs in the process.

We had one person dedicated to this project and she became very skilled in handling all of the possible objections and following up all the owners that delayed a reply.

We would highly recommend Darren as he has been an ongoing help when needed.

Kevin Hodges, Director- Kevin Hodges Real Estate, Adelaide- South Australia (Australia)

"We had Darren come into our company a few years ago to have a good look at our fee structure and to see where we could either increase our existing fees or introduce any new ones.

Darren spent time looking at what we were doing. He pinpointed some increases we could do, such as our monthly admin fee, our marketing fee, our annual statement fee and so on. He also suggested we introduce a new fee for conducting routine inspections.

We implemented Darren’s suggestions and followed his instructions to the letter. The letters and scripts he provided were excellent and worked like a charm together with the strategies he gave us.

To our surprise, we had very little pushback from clients and only lost a handful of properties (less than 2%).

The biggest challenge for us was to change our mindset and truly believe we were worth our fees. Our fears were soon allayed once we started implementing the plan.

Frankly, these changes saved the Company at the time, and I highly recommend Darren’s program!”

Gavin Van Lierop- Director, LJ Hooker Matamata, Matamata (New Zealand).

"We knew something needed to change, I had faith that we were supplying the best service in town.

However our fees didn’t reflect that and with rising cost of business ‘what can we cut back on’ started to sneak in.

This was what triggered me to reach out and get more details on the fee increasing. I respected my team too much to cut back on them.

After the initial meeting with Darren and realising where we could be, the classic ‘what if we lose a bunch of managements’ thought was still holding me back.

Did the maths and in theory we could lose 30% of our portfolio and still have same income. Worse case less work, same money!

Results were just 2 in over 250 managements were lost (0.8%).

In reality the journey with Darren and the team, was one of fee mindset training. The team have a stronger resolve in their worth and what we do.

When there is push back with existing or new business I hear the scripts and dialogues been used. 95%+ of new business is full fees and growth has never been as quick.

What we were not charging, and what clients are happy to pay for now is almost embarrassing!
If you want to know more reach out.

My suggestion is ‘realise your worth, connect with Darren and make yours and the teams life better’!

Shawn and Kristin Johnson, Business Owners- Independence Capital, Farmington New Mexico (United States)

Having low to no margins greatly limits your ability to hire and retain top talent, create new and innovative services, and be attractive in the marketplace.

You simply cannot operate an effective property management company unless you are profitable and creating value.

As entrepreneurs, it's often challenging to admit the need for an expert like Darren to take your business to the next level.

We are constantly pulled in a million different directions, but the fact remains: if we aren't creating value and being appropriately compensated for it, the business shouldn't exist.

Darren's effective process maximizes the potential for success while minimizing the risks associated with increasing your value-based service fees.

Our management company is a direct example of this success. Through the process, we retained the vast majority of our clients while increasing our total fee income per month/door from $125 to $266 per month/door, more than doubling our total fee revenue!

We often overlook that our greatest strength in the business lies in the clients we already serve, not solely in acquiring new business. We should consistently contemplate how we can better serve these clients and how we can be compensated for doing so.

The real key to this lies in having a clearly defined and tested process while delivering high value to the clients, resulting in maximizing your financial outcomes.

Darren's partnership clearly outlines the strategy, delivers the process, and helps alleviate the natural fears we all face when embarking on such a journey.

Simone Fogarty signed up 75% more fee income per property right after our last workshop!​

Simone Fogarty is a Director and the Senior Property Manager with One Agency in Orange NSW and came along to our last workshop, and immediately signed up property at 75% more in fee income right away, once she got back to the office.

In some cases, Simone was earning an extra $1500 per year/property, such was the change in what she believed she was worth with her services.

Initially Simone thought that what her much cheaper rivals charged would hold her back.

​Listen to Simone explain what happened...

Business Owner- Bronwyn now signs up an EXTRA $1947 per property/year!

Bronwyn Evans- Business Owner with McAdam Turnbull Realty in Toowoomba QLD has signed up $3,292 per property/year (total average fee income excluding GST) for the last 23 new properties brought into their rent roll.

That's an increase of 145% extra fee income per property, on what they were doing previously...that's an EXTRA $1947 per property/year!

Team Leader- Shari now signs up an EXTRA $1731 per property/year!

Shari Lockett- Team Leader with Parry Property from Launceston TAS was signing up $1,765 per property/year (total average fee income, excluding GST) for each new property, and now for the last 11 properties, has signed up an average of $3,496 per property/year (total average fee income, excluding GST).

That's an increase of 98% extra fee income per property, on what they were signing previously...this is an EXTRA $1731 per property/year!

BDM- Paul now signs up an EXTRA NZ$1390 per property/year!

Paul Weeks- BDM with Harcourts Reforma from Auckland NZ was signing up NZ$2,676 per property/year (total average fee income, excluding GST) for each new property, and now for the last 36 properties, has signed up an average of NZ$4,066 per property/year (total average fee income, excluding GST).

That's an increase of 52% extra fee income per property, on what they were achieving previously...that's an EXTRA NZ$1390 per property/year!

Jo Natoli now charges some of the BEST FEES in NSW...
​and all Jo did was GROW her worth!

Here's what Jo Natoli from 'The Rental Specialists' in NSW said:

in just hours!

It took me over 20 years to write our biggest and best IGT Book 'Win Your Worth Secrets'

e've worked with HUNDREDS of RENT ROLLS over Australia, New Zealand and the United States to PUMP UP fee income without having to GROW their rent rolls and add more properties to do the same!

If you're under constant pressure to PAY HIGHER SALARIES, keep up with SPIRALING business running expenses, pay those INFLATED interest rates on rent roll loans...this book has the TOTAL ANSWER you're needing and looking for!

Have you purchased rent rolls in the past and their fees are all inconsistent with what you;re charging right now?

What you'll learn in this book 'Win Your Worth Secrets' will get all your fees consistent with what you're either paying now, or what you will be charging AFTER you read and implement what's in this book!

Not only will you know HOW to increase your fees with your current clients with only a small amount of 'drop-off' with a much greater return in fee income (after any losses)...

...but you'll also LEARN the secret with how to get bthe BEST fees with new business too!

Order your COPY now!

Just pay $9.97 ($19.97 outside of Australia) for our shipping and handling costs and the book is YOURS!

EVERYTHING you need to know to INCREASE Your Rent Roll Rates and get the BEST FEES in your MARKET!


The EIGHT essential STEPS to successfully increasing your fees with your current clients...even if they've been with you for years!

Why you can increase fees in any economy (plus the time when NOT to do it).

-Know the reasons why your clients will stay and pay, and not leave you to have their property managed by a cheaper agent down the road.

Fee Increase Notification Email Wording

-Get our fee increase notification letter with revised wording...that we have used with hundreds of rent rolls successfully for 20 years, so you can get your wording right the first time! 

Learn the Fool-Proof Fee increase PROCESS!

-Learn the EIGHT fee increase steps we adhere to always when working with rent rolls.

-Find out the three essential categories that you will need to place all of your owners into before you send out your fee notices (HINT- the first category is the one WHO you must not increase your fees with)

Access Client Objection Scripts for when the phone rings!

-Access all the scripts you'll need when you get client objections to your increased fees, so you can answer them with full confidence.

-How to negotiate with any difficult clients, HOW MUCH to negotiate by, WHO NOT to negotiate with.

-Get a powerful fee negotiation script that will stop anyone wanting to take advantage of you when they receive their fee increase notice, dead in their tracks!

-How to deal with unavoidable client ‘emotional bluster’ and other negotiation ploys when dealing with client response to your increased fees.

-How to when your clients are giving you a ‘smoke screen’!

How MUCH is enough?

-Learn the tried and tested proven fee improvement formula that we have used for over 20 years that owners accept.

-What’s the limit you should only increase your fees to?

The FIVE CLIENT TYPES you MUST NOT Increase Your Fees With!

Learn the FIVE reasons why a portion of your clients CANNOT receive fee increases for now, otherwise you will risk higher losses!

When is the RIGHT TIME to Increase Fees?

Know the exact rent roll conditions that are ideal to increase your fees, and to know when you’re ready.

Discounting DANGER!

-Why even a 1% drop in your management fees is devastating to your profit margin (we show you the math!).

-Why regularly discounting by 1% is way more costly than the best ever points of difference on the planet that will help you get full fees!

-Why the absolute majority of property owners DO NOT care about cheap fees, and what they’re really after instead!

-Learn the TEN devastating consequences of discounting and the continuing problems it causes for any rent roll and their team.

CHEAPER Agents TRUTH Exposed!

Why cheaper agents believe they’re not as good as your service delivery (how to know)

Why cheaper agents win the business over you (and why it wasn’t about your fees, but something else entirely!)

Using COMPELLING Offers!

-How to use compelling time-restricted offers to help prospects make a decision in your favour quickly.

-Be exposed to the fees that you could add that generate the best revenue, and avoid those that really don’t matter.


Know WHY having cheaper or more expensive fees will not SPEED UP or SLOW DOWN how many leads you get (and know what really changes this instead!)

The TWO EASY Ingredients that win HIGH FEES

Know the TWO key ingredients that will allow you to charge the highest fees in your market place with ease, no matter how low your rivals fee discount or charge!

How we charged 16.5% Management Fees!

Get the SECRET to HOW I signed up 70% of prospects on 16.5% ‘all-inclusive’ management fees (and the rest went for a traditional fee structure).

Know the TEN best points of difference EVER that influence owners to just want you, and not care about your fees!

The TEN most effective points of difference

Get the list of the most popular fee objection script responses that really work with "BUT the other agent is cheaper" and "If you can match your management fee with the other agent down the road".

PLUS know the TEN typically ‘lame’ points of difference that so many think are effective, but have NO relevance to your prospect and are just NOISE!

The BEST FEE Objection Scripts LIST!

The MOST EFFECTIVE New Business Scripts

-Why these common fee objections “BUT the other agent is cheaper” or “If you can match your fee with the other agent” is really ‘buying signal’ in disguise indicating they’re about to sign a deal with you!
Identify the BIGGEST BUYING Signal!

How AVOID Bad Properties and Toxic Clients

-Learn the SEVEN characteristics of unprofitable C-Class Property Owners so you can either avoid or remove them from your rent roll.

-Know the The ELEVEN property types to AVOID and never sign up!

How to get at least 50% more fee income with new business right away, no matter how low your rivals charge (or what fees they don;t charge).



You can only purchase one copy of the book per office. Email us at  if you want to order more copies of the book.

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